Saturday, August 1, 2015

Not a Day Goes By

From left to right: Bartender in Lolo's music video; Jack's Mother in "Into the Woods";
Gertrude Stein in "Little Wars"; Janis in "Composing Life".

Not a day goes by...
Not a single day...
But you're somewhere a part of my life,
And it looks like you'll stay.

As the days go by.
I keep thinking, when does it end?

Being an actor is not a 9 to 5 job. Thank goodness. 

I have just finished a contract playing Jack's mother in "Into the Woods" in a regional gig in Potsdam. It was exhilarating, motivating and thrilling to be working on such a wonderful show with great actors and I have returned to New York with a touch of the post-Potsdam blues. It is very normal for actors to have a rough period when a show closes. But work breeds work and the motivation to audition is stronger.

with Ryan Hook as Jack

That it can't get much better much longer.
But it only gets better and stronger
And deeper and nearer ---
And simpler and freer
And richer and clearer...*

I was lucky enough to return to auditions, a reading of a new play and my regular hosting gig at Polly's Follies, but that is not always the case. I have many friends who have long runs in Broadway shows and then periods of nothing. This is not a steady profession and, even with agents, managers and brilliant resumes, most actors have periods of "resting". 
This is never resting, though, in the sense of a holiday. Often the resting periods are when we have to work harder than ever. It is so easy to be motivated when you have a script to work on, lyrics to learn and an audience to entertain. Not so easy to stay encouraged with the daily grind of submissions, E.P.A.s or, even worse, the days when there are no auditions and nothing to submit for (summer is a typically difficult time in the industry).

I started to think of ways that will help keep the working momentum going. This is important for me as an actor, but also important for me in my role as The Actor's Friend. I run accountability groups and I try to practise what I preach. Yesterday, I went to an E.P.A. and it felt so great to be proactive. And, there I was, in the bathrooms at Telsey and the idea struck me. Do you remember #100happydays? I am starting #100daysinthelifeofanactor. 

And no,
Not a day goes by ---
Not a blessed day ---
But you somewhere come into my life
And you don't go away.

And I have to say
If you do, I'll die.
I want day after day
After day after day after ---
Day after day after day after day
After day
Till the days go by,
Till the days go by,*

Here is how it will work. Post something every day (if you miss a day, no one will punish you!) that is related to your acting. It could be something as simple as updating your resume, submitting for a role on Actors' Access, taking a class or even taking a trip to the theatre. Post wherever you like that suits you (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) and tag @theactorsfriend with #100daysinthelifeofanactor. Are you ready for the challenge? I am...

Till the days go by...*

Not a Day Goes By from Merrily We Roll Along
Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim